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Bangkok Thailand is the most beautiful and attractive destination for foreigners. Nowadays in Bangkok has many business tourists or foreigners who work in Thailand. For this cause have to find and rent a room for the long-term. The rental of rooms in Bangkok may be perplexing, especially given the language barrier, the vast array of lodging alternatives, and the lack of set rental criteria. This content was gathered on how to find and rent a room from beginning to end!

What’s different between Condos and Apartments in Bangkok?


Apartments and condos in Bangkok are different from each other, you must be to understand what is different between apartments and condos in Bangkok.


Apartments are rented out by the company that owns the building.

Provide a hotel-like living experience by including amenities like internet, cable TV, and even cleaning per week or month (according to the apartment agreement).

Shorter renting terms are acceptable (I.e., 1-3 Months).


Condos are rented out directly by the room owner or private landlords.

For longer rental periods (i.e. 12 months or more), they are more cost-effective for those who want to rent for more than 12 months.

Utilities are provided at the usual government rate (I.e., Water, and Electricity) do not have to pay the difference to the owners.

Lease Terms between Condos and Apartments in Bangkok


There are very few properties for rent in Bangkok that are short-term rentals, most of them are monthly rentals and generally have a lease term of 12 months or more.


If you want to rent for a short (more than 1 month to 1 year), it is normally recommended that you rent an apartment. As an apartment, you would be able to sign short leases with flexible notice periods if you choose this residential choice.


Included in rental payment between Condos and Apartments in Bangkok


Condos in Bangkok, most of the condos are include fully furnished and electrical equipment ​(microwave, fridge, television, air conditioner, etc.) It will vary according to each owner of the rental unit, even if it is the same condo. Condos have public facilities (pool, fitness, etc.), security system for all renters and owners.


The majority of apartments in Bangkok come with basic furniture and electrical equipment (fridge, television, air conditioner) However, there are a few that come completely equipped. An apartment differs from a condo in that each room has the same furnishings and appliances.

Extra costs from room rental rate


Whether it's a condo or an apartment, you have to pay an additional cost from the room price each month. What do you have to pay?


Water bill

Electricity bill

Internet fee

Condo common fee


water bill

electricity bill

internet fee


For the water, the electricity bill of the condo will be paid according to the actual price used without deducting the difference. But if it's an apartment, the difference will be deducted and must be paid through the apartment with monthly rent only.


Where is popular for living in Bangkok?


Most of the foreigners who come to work in Thailand tend to choose to live in the city center or close to business centers and shopping centers such as Rama 9- Ratchada, Ploenchit- Wireless, Silom-Sathorn, Sukhumvit.


Rama 9- Ratchada

Rama 9-Ratchada is a neighborhood that never sleeps because there are leading businesses. The office building has a famous shopping center that draws shoppers and an entertainment hub. The area also has a mass transit system such as the Blue Line train and Orange Line extension.


Ploenchit- Wireless

Ploenchit is the economic center of Bangkok, or CBD, on early Sukhumvit Road. Filled with office buildings, embassies, five-star hotels, and luxury shopping malls. Strengthen the potential of the area with a BTS SkyTrain route, facilitating travel to Siam and Phayathai zones.



Silom-Sathorn is the business district of Bangkok. Full of job sites, educational establishments, embassies, shopping centers such as Silom Complex, and the hip community mall like Baan Silom. Easily connects to many road trips to Lumpini, Rama IV, and Charoen Krung zones.



This area is the prime location on the main blood road like Sukhumvit. An important road in the heart of Bangkok and is a road that has electric trains passing through the entire line. It offers a good work-life balance, offering travel convenience and a vibrant range of leisure options.


How to search for properties for rent in Bangkok


It is common to seek the services of a property agent to find a rental property in Bangkok. Working as an agent in Thailand does not require a "Professional Real Estate License". As a result, prospective you should thoroughly research the credentials and reputation of the specialists with whom they are working.


A real estate agent often provides the following services:


  • Property procurement

  • Providing assistance with the renting procedure.

  • Preparing lease agreements, room listings, and room images to support them up.

  • Assisting with the check-in and check-out procedures at the property.


In certain cases, property agents are also in charge of property management and interacting with the landlord, especially if the landlord does not speak English.


How to rent a property in Bangkok


1.Searching for property -Contacting a Property Agency is the greatest approach to swiftly and efficiently shortlist apartments or condos. They will be able to provide you with advice, make ideas, and show you condos or apartments that meet your requirements. Before contacting the agent, make sure to specify the specifications of the accommodation you desire. You will receive just the room you require for a short room introduction.


2.Offers and Negotiations -Negotiating rental pricing and/or terms is common in Bangkok. Tenants typically bargain on:

  • Contract Length (I.e., 12-months, etc.)

  • Move-in Dates

  • Monthly Rental Rate

  • Special Requests

If you have special requests, you must be clear and definite will increase your chances of the landlord accepting your offer and demands.


3.Preparation for Booking and Signing -In Bangkok, it is customary to reserve a property through a booking fee (Equivalent to 1-month rent). Once paid, property agencies normally begin creating the rental leasing agreement, inventory list, and supporting picture inventory. The landlord will also begin preparing the unit, ensuring that it is carefully cleaned and that any faults or requests are addressed prior to signing.


4.Signing and Move-in -On the signing date, all parties meet to affirm acceptance of the lease agreement's conditions. The tenant will pay the landlord a normal security deposit equal to two months' rent. The security deposit is refunded at the end of the tenant's lease term. Once the contract is complete, you can move in on the date specified in the contract signed.


5.Check-out -Any maintenance issues during the rental period can usually be referred to the Property Agency or the landlord. Landlords will need to refund the security deposit within 30-days of the tenant moving out. Usually, any areas of concern that may be subject to deductions can be discussed and negotiated.


From this huge disparity, the lifestyle and rental rate given by both alternatives might be drastically different. Both condominiums and apartments have distinct rental benefits. Therefore, before making a decision, you should study and choose the one that best meets your needs for your own benefit.


Reference : kasemkijapts.com