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How to have a good quality of working life

  The organization to create a good quality of life in the workplace. It is not just an agency matter. But it is a matter of cooperation between both parties, in terms of employers or organizations and the employee department or staff In which both parties must have operational guidelines in order to achieve the goal of having a good quality of working life together and satisfying both parties creating satisfaction in this work. The author recommends the Two-Factor theory, an interesting motivation theory and is widely known as The Motivation Hygiene Theory can be classified into 2 major groups as follows

Motivator factors are elements or factors directly related to operations Is a factor that motivates personnel in the department to be appreciated Pleased with their work and talents If these factors are met by the operator will give the operator the motivation, determination to work to the best of their ability and can help increase work efficiency These factors namely

Achievement means that people are able to complete work and achieve good results. Recognition (Recognition) means being respected by supervisors. Colleagues, friends, and others This recognition can sometimes be expressed in the form of praise for the work (Work Itself), which means good and bad feelings about the job that is a monotonous job boring or challenge causing originality, creativity, or a difficult or easy task responsibility means the satisfaction arising from being assigned to take responsibility for a new job and having full authority to take responsibility. Career advancement means a change in the status or position of a person in an organization but in the event that a person moves from one department to another organization without changing status it is only an opportunity to give more responsibility, which is called increased responsibility. But not truly a career advancement.


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