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The world change is occurring in the wide area and expected to affect the future quality of life and livelihood of people in the national change with the environment inside and outside the country. adaptation to changing of the world. This leads to the adjustment of the country's development direction that focuses on learning in technology has been extended and blended, resulting in rapid progress. To Bring technology use in various sectors making people's way of life and conducting economic, social and political activities differently. For example; using automation to increase productivity. Using big data in business direction Using digital technology to enhance the efficiency of public service of the government using digital technology. especially learning the new world. that gives people in communities at the foundations of the country the skills, knowledge, and ability to use technology in their daily lives and create new knowledge for themselves. accompanying with the change of the world that is not limited to the learning process in the classroom only. But; it leads to creating a new environment outside the classroom. in tandem with Hybrid Learning that can be learned from home, workplace, or community learning resources. It’s an important learning resource. Innovative blended hybrid learning this new world. It can be that basic learning that may be applied in the education system at all levels as a foundation. for developing the nation's people to be capable of self-reliance online and uplifting. The quality of life of people in the community continuously increases. the opportunity to learn and be open to new things from outside and keep pace with the changing world and be a future citizen with lifelong learning.


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